Appearance Advantages

The massage helps maintain breast shape and prevent sagging. Breast massaging stimulates circulation; it helps maintain breast tissue health. The massage also strengthens chest muscle tissue, demolishes benign cysts, and builds ligament resiliency. A breast massage ensures the breasts stay firmer and are unlikely to sag. As a result, the bust line becomes more attractive.

Therapeutic Positives

Breast massage also helps with aching breasts. Thanks to its gentle, soft touch, a breast massage has a lot of therapeutic benefits. As per health experts, just rubbing the area could produce analgesic effects. The massage brings down tissue soreness, decreases breast swelling and pain, and relaxes ligament tension or tightness. The massage is especially beneficial with soothing breast scarring-associated pain.

Health Benefits

Breast massage also brings about multiple health benefits. In fact, the massage helps eliminate toxins from the lymphatic system of the body. Since toxins hinder health blood circulation within the breasts, increased toxic buildup can make cancer much likely. The massage activates breast lymphatic system drainage that gets rid of harmful waste items and lets nutrient-enriched blood to head to the breast tissues.

Prevention Advantages

An attractive and healthy bust line may bring along its aesthetic positives, but there are several serious problems that must be looked into in relation to the breasts’ feel and look. It’s imperative you get familiar with your breasts’ feel and shape for detecting any abnormalities. Detecting issues early can help save your life or prevent the onset of serious medical ailments.

Breast Massage Post-Augmentation

Massage after a breast augmentation or enlargement surgery could help with quick incision healing and produce the best results. The massage’s importance and relevance after a breast enlargement surgery hinges on the kind of breast implant used and also the surgeon’s preference. A massage is usually not recommended by cosmetic surgeons. However, those in favor of the massage believe the massage decreases scar tissue capsule growth surrounding the implant. Ensuring the breast enhancement scar tissue stays at a minimum would help keep the breasts flexible and soft.


The reason behind massage post-breast enlargement is preventing excessive scar tissue formation, both around the implant and within the incision. The natural response of the body to a foreign body’s presence is stimulating scar tissue growth. Your body is keen on encapsulating foreign bodies for preventing damage-inflicting microorganisms permeating further within the body. The body considers the medical incision as an injury, and directs fiber cells to the area of incision for repairing the damage. White blood cells (WBCs) head to the spot and help mopping up damage caused by the incision.


A circular soft massage of the tissue underneath the lymph vessels and the skin, lymph drainage massage helps reduce swelling and quickens damaged tissue healing. More aggressive techniques for massaging are used for moving the implant and keeping the tissue around the implant flexible and soft. Start the self-massage by warming the spot and putting a moisturizing lotion or cream. The massage must be gentle and in circles, moving close to the breast tissue, right from the nipples to the edges. With a massage, the skin relaxes and feels softer and warmer. Eventually, you would feel deeper skin tissues. Stretch and press tissues that feel immovable and hard. Later, use your hand to wrap around the breast’s bottom and squeeze the area, pushing the implant higher in the pocket. The implant won’t break, so do not fear firm pressure usage. Repeat this process a couple of times every day provided your physician doesn’t object to the process.


Before trying out a massage, discuss benefits and risks with a physician. There are some implants that adhere to the adjoining tissue and massaging post-surgery would cause more harm than benefits. Also, don’t massage if the incision is still healing, to mitigate tearing of the incision and inducing an infection. Know the right massage techniques from your surgical nurse or surgeon. In case the breasts aren’t perfectly aligned post-surgery, massage deeply over the higher breast so that it comes down to the lower breast’s level. If the implant is getting harder, contact your surgeon as quickly as possible. Let your surgeon know everything about your breasts: if a breast is tighter compared to the other breast; if there’s pain and tightness; or if the nipple’s position has changed.


Timely breast massage and monthly breast self-exams can help determine if there are breast irregularities or changes. With breast cancer becoming quite common, it’s vital the breasts’ health is not neglected at any cost.