Breast Enlargement For Psychological Benefits

The psychological benefits of breast enhancement should not be underestimated or overlooked. Studies have shown that women who have undergone mastectomies as part of their cancer treatment have far easier recoveries and greater confidence after receiving post-treatment breast reconstruction and enlargement procedures. These solutions make it easier for many women to accept and identify with their post-mastectomy bodies. Breast enlargement procedures paired with tissue expanders are also being used with increasing frequency among male to female transgenders in order to attain bodies that better fit their perceived sexual identities.

A Breast Enlargement And A Breast Lift Are Not The Same Thing

While breast enlargements and breast lifts are both considered invasive procedures and both are intended to build confidence and enhance the appearance of the breasts, these two treatments are not one and the same. A breast lift involves the cutting and removal of excess skin in order to tighten and tone loose and sagging areas. Women might want breast lifts after losing a considerable amount of weight in a short period of time or after extended periods of breastfeeding. A breast lift on its own implies that a woman is happy with her breast size but it is unhappy with the length of the breasts or the lack of elasticity in the overlying skin.

Breast enlargements, however, are for women who wish their breast were larger and for ladies who believe that their breasts have a significant lack of symmetry. In some instances, adding volume to the breasts through the use of silicone or saline implants is not enough on its own to help a woman reach her cosmetic goals. If this is the case, surgeons will often recommend a combination breast augmentation and breast lift procedure. This will leave the breasts fuller, rounder and higher up as well as more youthful-looking overall. When considering the pros and cons of breast enhancement, women should note that secondary procedures such as breast lifts could be necessary for achieving the full spectrum of cosmetic benefits they seek.

Breast Implants Must Be Properly Maintained

Breast implants are far from being a set it and forget solution. People who receive breast implants will be committing to a lifetime of maintenance given that, depending upon the type of implants that are used, they will need to have these replaced at least once every ten to 20 years. The FDA, however, has estimated that approximately 20 percent of all implant procedures results in either an implant replacement or an implant repair within just ten years or less. This maintenance and the long-term fallibility of implants are among their major drawbacks. Ten years can pass quite quickly and those who have used these products for breast enlargement must be prepared to pay for their follow-up procedures. A woman who receives breast enlargement in her mid to late twenties, may need to pay for three to four replacement procedures over the course of her lifetime.

Future Pregnancies And Children

Patients may be advised to wait for breast enhancement if they intend to have one or more future pregnancies. This is especially true for those who intend to pair this cosmetic treatment with a breast lift. While breast enlargement with implants does not usually prevent women from breast feeding their newborns, excessive weight fluctuations and the natural expansion of the breasts and surrounding skin during nursing, could offset the benefits of these procedures. Breast enhancement is a common part of the mommy makeover, which is typically best performed after women are done birthing children. This is the surest way to prolong and preserve optimal aesthetic benefits from these treatments.

Options In Non-Surgical Breast Enhancement

non-surgical breast enhancementThere are, however, a few options in non-surgical breast enhancement. One of the most popular forms of non-invasive breast enlargement involves the use of herbal combinations that are designed to stimulate estrogen production, so that the breast tissue is increased without the need for cutting, tissue removal or the insertion of silicone or saline implants. The primary drawback of these products is that they’re incapable of producing the immediate and dramatic improvements that can be achieved through surgical augmentation. Moreover, careful research is needed before selecting a particular brand of natural breast enhancement product as there are unscrupulous marketers who have put ineffective or even harmful products on the market. To help you in your research, we have selected three natural breast enhancement products that you can check out as these have proven records of success and satisfied users. Without hesitation, we can recommend that you buy Breast Actives to try this technique of breast enhancement.

The benefits of non-surgical breast enhancement are obvious. This type of breast enlargement is entirely non-invasive and does not entail any recovery time. Women can maintain their own natural breasts and given that the results are gradual, the improvement process is far less conspicuous. There is also no long-term maintenance in terms of replacing or repairing implants.